We were previously a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and part of the Training Accreditation Council’s Compliance Recognition  Program (Which can only be accessed by invitation and was only available to the top 5% of Western Australian RTO’s) but cancelled our registration when we came to the realisation that the Nationally Accredited Training System is broken and we did not want to be a part of a system that to our mind has no interest in employee competence but is focused on mindless policies, procedures and questionable competency outcomes.

We still conduct training, however our training is not nationally accredited but focuses  on ensuring the student is actually competent.

Non accredited training had distinct advantages over Nationally Accredited Training:

  • The training can be customised to your companies specific needs
  • Irrelevant elements can be discarded
  • In-house elements can be integrated with ease
  • Non Accredited training is generally shorter in time
  • Non Accredited Training can be cheaper
  • Employees  who have in house customised training generally are more employable in-house
  • In house trained employees generally are less transient than other employees

Training Courses

Frontline provides a range of Online, Remote and Classroom based training programs. All training can be conduced in our training facilities in Bunbury and Perth or onsite in all areas of Australia.

If your after a specific training course call our office and we will advise you if we conduct the training or we will put you in touch with a company that does

If your unsure if the training that you need must be accredited or not give us a call. 

Toolbox Talks

Are you  sick of trying to find topical information for your toolbox meetings or just don’t have the time.  Frontline can provide you with current educational and revision materials for you toolbox meetings.  We can email you on a weekly or monthly basic toolbox topics in a useful format to be used at the toolbox /staff meeting. We have over 90 topical topics to chose from. Call or email us for a sample

08 9791 1961

Here is a sample of the toolbox notes that we provide

Free Sample 1 Ladder Safety

Free Sample 2 New Employees

In House Training

We can also provide a range of training resources so you can conduct your own in house training. The resources include Student Manual Trainers Guide, Power point presentation, quizzes and student evaluations. Call our office on 08 9791 1961 or email us at   and our friendly staff will provide you with a product sample.

Guidelines for organising and conducting in-house training

This document will assist in the preparation and conduct of any in house training session. It will give you some valuable tips to ensure that the session runs exactly as you expect it to. Download here