Business Compliance Packages

The Business compliance packages are designed to give the business owner piece of mind. Occupational Safety and Health Compliance requirements can at times be frustrating and confusing. Our compliance packages provide the employer with confidence knowing that they have met specific legislative requirements and assist the employer to meet their overall needs with minimal workplace disruption.

Our compliance packages start at less than 75 cents a day.

Business Compliance package 1

    Suitable for small business of up to 12 Employees

Business Compliance package 2

    Suitable for larger business’

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Frontline can provide you with state of the art drug and  alcohol testing conducted in your workplace. Our drug testing equipment uses saliva as opposed to urine with a verifiable accuracy of greater than 95 % . The saliva test eliminates the issues  related to urine testing. The testing equipment is the same used by the WA police in roadside drug testing. Result of the drug test are available within 3 to 8 minutes of the test being conducted. We are also able to provide the testing equipment and training for in house testing.

In addition we can provide appropriate policies and procedures to match you D & A program.

Safety Culture Survey  

What is Safety Culture?

Safety culture is the  way we do things . It’s the  collective practices shared by everyone in the workplace, as a reflection of what’s important.

Whis it important?

The evidence shows a positive safety culture means reduced lost time injuries and increased safety behaviors. It also shows there are other business benefits –

  • improved productivity,
  • increased job satisfaction and
  • enhanced business reputation.

How can you improve your safety culture?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. One practical step to improving your safety culture is to start measuring it. This gives you a better idea about what is going well,  and what has room for improvement. From there the  real work can  start

Frontline can conduct for your business a Safety Culture Survey and measure for you the six key areas of Safety Performance and provide you with a comprehensive report.  Contact our Office for further information

Safety Advisors 

Frontline’s Work Health and Safety Advisors can help you make your workplace safer by:

our catchphrase

  • providing you with practical tools — checklists, worksheets and sample safe work procedures — to help you identify hazards in        your workplace
  • helping you implement solutions that are relevant, practical and affordable
  • checking that the safety plans and policies you have in place are on track.
  • Site Safety Officers
  • Site Inspections both specific and general
  • Conduct and facilitation of toolbox meetings
  • Investigation of accidents and incidents

Our Advisors are here to help small to medium sized business (up to 200 workers). Their services are confidential

Inspection Services

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Servicing
  • Fire Hose Reel Inspection and Servicing
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection and Servicing
  • Microwave and mobile phone emission testing
  • Smoke alarm testing
  • Portable Electrical Equipment Inspection and Servicing
  • Fall arrest and lifting equipment inspection


We can provide you with PAT Testing machines and RCD testers for purchase or hire

  • PAT Testing Consumables
  • Fire Extinguishers and blankets
  • Fire Maintenance and testing consumables
  • Fire testing equipment hire/sale
  • Chemical spill kits