Free Safety Resources

Asbestos related resources 

Following is  a link to the website. It is a US site but contains some really  useful asbestos and mesothelioma related information and worth a look.

Risk score calculator.
This interactive calculator can be cut and pasted into documents or presentation and is a very useful and very easy  tool to useDOWNLOAD RISK SCORE CALCULATOR HERE  

Chemical Storage Table 
Here is a very useful chemical storage chart. This chart will tell you what chemicals are able to be stored together and the safe distances for chemical store. This chart is a MUST have for any chemical storage cabinetDOWNLOAD CHEMICAL STORAGE TABLE HERE 

GHS Card        Global Harmonisation System

This document explains the NEW (2017) Global Harmonisation System of chemical labeling that is now mandatory in Australia

Download GHS Card

The Right Way to Wear a Safety Helmet

This poster discusses the basic maintenance requirements with helmets , their adjustment and when a replacement is needed


Fire Extinguisher Chart

This poster shows you the correct fire extinguisher to use on fires

Download fire extinguisher chart Here

How to Operate a Fire Extinguisher

This poster provides you with a chart that details the correct procedure for the use and operation of  fire extinguisher

Download fire extinguisher How to operate chart

The Fire Triangle

This poster provides valuable information on the basics of how a fire works and the science behind how a fire extinguisher works

Download the Fire Triangle poster

Dropped Object Calculator

This excel  spread sheet was provided by  a client and is really interesting. It allows you to calculate the likely consequence/outcome of a object of a user defined weight from a user defined height if it comes into contact with a person. It is only a basic guide but interesting none the less

How to correctly fit ear plugs

This poster shows how to correctly fit  various forms of ear plugs and to conduct a suitability  test


Risk Control Form 

Risk  Control  is a basic form in the overall Safety Management process is the Risk Assessment form. Here is a very good template for you to use DOWNLOAD RISK FORM HERE HERE 

A very useful tool is the JSA or SWMS. A good template is available here DOWNLOAD JSA JHA HERE

Free Microsoft Office Equivalent 

Here is a link to the Open Office Website. It is very similar to the Microsoft suit of programs but is free.

Download our Fact or Fiction Workplace Health and Safety quiz.

Do you know the answers to some basic workplace safety requirements

Click on  the icon to the right to download the fact sheet 

How to develop a JHA JSA AND SWMS   

This small manual takes you through the steps of developing a JSA. It is a simple tool taking you through each step provide insight to each point of the JSAs development. Its ultimate goal is to give you the correct tools to develop good quality JSAs to be used in the workplace. Download how to develop a JHA JSA SWMS here 

How to create a basic Safety Management System 

This document provides guidance on how to create a SMS in ten steps 

How Much Noise is to Much ?

Download our chart that shows the noise exposure tables. This should be on every notice board Download Noise Exposure table Here 

Stretching and Ergonomics at the workstation 

This Canadian webpage has a range of activities designed to minimise the strain from constant computer usage and well worth a look

Go to Ergonomics at the workstation website

Guideline for the operation of mobile plant

This is a comprehensive guide for the safe operation of mobile pant  and will be invaluable to any small business operator who has a range of mobile plant  Download the Guide to the Operation of Mobile Plant Here 

Food Safety for kids 

Cooking with kids can be an entertaining and educational experience. However, there are certain aspects of cooking that can also be     dangerous if proper care is not taken. This guide gives parents an  overview of the food safety rules that they should keep in mind when preparing and enjoying a cooking activity with their kids.   Go to the Food Safety for Kids Website

Safety Guidelines for the use of Quad bikes 

This document produced by the University of Sydney is a must if you have a quad bike, whether for fun or for work.

Quad bike accidents account for an average of 15 deaths per year. Download Guidelines for quad bikes here

 Safety Snapshot for Small Business

 If you own a small business do this small quiz. It will help you to establish if you are compliant or need to do more Download Safety Quiz for small business Here  

If you have a safety resource that you want us to share for you just email us and we will put it up on our website