About Us

Frontline Safety and Training Services is a safety consultancy specialising in Occupational  Safety and Health. We are based in the southwest of Western Australia however we provide safety related services Australia Wide  

 Our Mission Statement

Providing a safe environment for our customers, their clients ,their friends and families is a primary mission for all of us at Frontline Safety and Training Services. We will  do our best to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimise related risks by identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, furnishing necessary tools and equipment, and providing training and education. We will work together to protect our customers , ourselves  and each other by promoting a culture of shared responsibility  by informed judgement.  


Point of Difference 

Our Consultants work in industry and not just out of an office. In this way we have current practical and logical workplace ideas.

We were previously a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and part of the Training Accreditation Council’s Compliance Recognition  Program (Which can only be accessed by invitation and was only available to the top 5% of RTO’s) but cancelled our registration when we came to the realisation that the Nationally Accredited Training System is broken and we did not want to be a part of a system that to our mind has no interest in employee competence but is focused on mindless policies, procedures and questionable competency outcomes.

We still conduct training, however our training is not nationally accredited but focuses  on ensuring the student is actually competent.

Non accredited training had distinct advantages over Nationally Accredited Training:

  • The training can be customised to your companies specific needs
  • Irrelevant elements can be discarded
  • In-house elements can be integrated with ease
  • Non Accredited training is generally shorter in time
  • Non Accredited Training can be cheaper
  • Employees  who have in house customised training generally are more employable inhouse
  • In house trained employees generally are less transient than other employees

Give us a call or email us to establish whether the training you require must be Nationally Accredited.

You will be amazed at how little actually needs to be nationally accredited 

Our primary focus is safety and are considered Industry leaders in our field

 Our specialty  is customising training courses to fit the needs of individuals & companies